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12. Answer the following in 120—150 words:
What kind of life did Silas lead in Lantern Yard. In what circumstances did he leave the place and settled in Ravelse ?​

When Silas lived in Lantern Yard, he was happy.  He had many friends  and he was preparing to marry a beautiful girl, Sarah.  He was hard working and courteous.  He moved out of Lantern Yard and went to Raveloe when Dane betrayed him by stealing and putting the blame on him. He even stole his fiance Sarah and left him no choice but to leave the village. In Raveloe, his life was completely different. He had no friends, he stayed alone at his home all day.  In a course of time he turned into a cold and bitter man who was focused on saving money and hoarding it.  He lost interest in socialising.

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