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A solid spherical ball of the metal is divided into two hemispheres  & joined as shown in figure. The solid is placed in the cylindrical tub full of water in such a way that the whole solid is submerged in water. The radius & height of cylindrical tub are 4 cm & 11 cm respectively & the radius of spherical ball is 3 cm. Find the volume of water left in the cylindrical tub.

4/3πr = 12​π cm3(vol.of 2 hemispheres)
πr2h=176​π cm3(vol. of cylinder)
vol. displaced = vol. of 2 hemisphere
=> vol.of water remaining is
vol.of cylinder-​vol. of 2 hemisphere
= 176​​π-12​π
=154​π = 484 cm3

ans: the remaining vol. of water in the cylinder is 484 cm3
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Volume of water = 484 mL
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