Solve this: CLASS 8 QI. Identify as Direct Proportion or Inverse Proportion:
a) Amount of interest and rate of interest.
b) Number of burgers and their Cost.
c) Work done by  of labourers and time taken by them to do the work,
d) Speed of a racing car and time taken by it to reach the finishing line.
e) Area of land and its price.
f) Number of students and fees collected in a school.
g) Population of a state and area of land per person.
h) Time taken and distance travelled by a car, i) Distance travelled in a journey and cost of ticket paid for journey. j) Number of pens purchased and price paid for them.

Q2. 5 taps Of equal capacity can fill a water tank in 40 minutes. How many taps of same capacity an? required to fitl the tank in minutes? At a particular time and a particular place, the shadmv cast by a high pole is 5.4m long. Find the length Of the shadow cast by a pole of length 7m at the same place and al the sat-ne time. Q4. 95 men have food provisions for 120 days. If 35 men died due to an epidemic, then for how many days will the food last? Q5. Monika's typing speed is words per hour. How many words can she type in 18 min.? A hospital supports 73 patients at an average monthly COSt Of What is the amount to spent if the of patients is increased by 37? 07. The price Of rice is Rs.20/ kg- I can buy 12kg for Rs.24(). If the price goes up by Rs.2/kg, how much rice can J buy for Rs.240? Q8. soldiers in a fort had enough food for 30 days. After 6 days, some of the soldiers Were to another fort and thus the food lasted for 32 more days. HOW soldiers left the fort? Q 9. What should be the sales tax when cost of doll is Rs 750 and sales tax is charged Also find bill Q 10. Soham sells two watches for Rs 1955 each gaining on one and losing 15% on other. Find the overall gain % or IOSS% on the Whole transaction. QII_ Mario Rs 8,000 in a plan. She would be paid interest at 5% per annum calculated annually. Find: (i) the amount credited against his name at end of third year. ii)amount at the end of I Va years if comvyounded half yearly. Page 1 2

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