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Lalit, Madhur and Neena were partners sharing profits as 50%, 30% and 20%. On March 31st 2013 their Balance Sheet was as follows :

On this date, Madhur retired and Lalit and Neena agreed to continue on the following terms :

[a]  The goodwill of the firm was valued at 51,000.
[b]  There was a claim for workmen's compensation tothe extent of 6,000.
[c]  Investment were brought down to 15,000.
[d]  Provision for bad debts was reduced by 1,000.
[e]  Madhur was paid 10,300 in cash and the balance was transferred to his loan account payable in two equal instalments together with interest @ 12% p.a.
Prepare Revalution A/C Partner's capital Accounts and Madhur's loan A/C till the loan is finally paid off.

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