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Weight of the metre scale, W = 100 gf
Centre of mass of the metre scale is at the point O.
(i) Total anticlockwise moment about O:
=150gf×OA=150gf×0.40m=150×0.0098×0.40=0.588 Nm

(ii) Total clockwise moment about O:
=250gf×OB=250gf×0.20m=250×0.0098×0.20=0.490 Nm

(iii) The difference of anticlockwise and clockwise moments:
=0.588-0.490=0.098 Nm

In order to balance the metre rule, the 100gf weight must be placed at point O' such that
150gf×O'A=250×O'BandO'A+O'B=60cmNow,150gf×O'A=250×O'BO'A=250×O'B150=53O'BThus,from the relation,O'A+O'B=60cm53O'B+O'B=60cm83O'B=60cmO'B=38×60cm=22.5cmO'A=60cm-22.5cm=37.5cmSo, the weight must be displaced 2.5cm towards the load 150gf from the point O.

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