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Q.25. In a survey of 5,000 people in town, 2250 were listed as reading English news paper, 1750 as reading Hindi newspaper and 875 were listed as reading both Hindi and English news papers. Find how many people who read neither Hindi nor English news paper. Find how many people read only English news paper

Let U be the set of persons who were surveyed.Let E be the set of persons who read English newspaper.Let H be the set of persons who read Hindi newspaperNow, nU = 5000; nE = 2250; nH = 1750; nEH = 875Now, nEH = nE + nH - nEH=2250 + 1750 - 875=3125Number of persons who read at least one newspaper = 3125So, number of persons who read neither English nor Hindi newspaper = nU - nEH=5000 - 3125=1875Number of persons who read only English newspaper = nE - nEH=2250 - 875=1375

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