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​Q6. Which of the following is inflammable substances? a. Petrol  b. wood  c. Paper  d. Straw

Q7. Fire extinguisher-a. Cut off the supply of air  b. Bring down the temperature of fuel  c. Both (a) &(b) d. None of these

Q8. Rapid combustion is  a. When gas burns, it produces heat and light  b. When material suddenly burst into flames  c. When there is evolution of heat  d. None of these

Q9. Substance which vaporise during Burning gives a. Sound b. Flame  c. Combustion  d. None of these 

Q10. Unburnt carbon particles causes  a. Stomach infections  b. Respiratory problems  c. Brain infections  d. Throat problems

Dear student,

Q6. The substances which catches fire very easily are called inflammable substance . Petrol is an inflammable substance. Option a is correct
Q7. Option c is correct. Fire extinguisher bring down the temperature and also cutoff the supply of the air.
Q8.Rapid combustion produces both heat and light. Option  a is correct.
Q9. It produces flame. Option b is correct.
Q10. Respiratory problems. b is the correct answer.



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