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Solve this: 36 LEITER 2. is quite unfortunate that millions of children face barriers and obstacles in attempting to access quality education. Barriers like gender, ethnic origin, language, religion, nationality, econo:nic conditions and disability etc. lead to their exclusion from schools. if the right to education for all is to become a reality, we must follow the principles of Inclusive Education. Taking ideas from the unit on 'Education' alongwith the ideas contained in the definition of Inclusive Education given below, write a letter to the Editor of 'The Hindu' expressing your views on the issue. Education is defined as a learning environment that promotes the fu!) personal, academic and professional development Of an learners irrespective of race, class, colour, gender, disability, gender preference, learning styles and language," Education

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Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer. Kindly refer to the Website to find the format of a letter.
  • It is important that children, who are of the learning age, are provided with the resources and means of proper education.
  • Inclusive education refers to providing equal opportunities for education to all regardless of class, caste, gender or economic condition of the family.
  • It is important that this mode of education is made compulsory in the nation as this will assure the literacy of every individual.
  • This will further enable the growth and progress of our country.
  • It is important that every children is given an opportunity to utilise the skills within and to nurture these through education.
  • Thus, in my opinion, inclusive education should be promoted and encouraged in our country.
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