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Solve this: tynsiciiy salt is Y (replaceable is (total charge on cation) Solution : of on molecule is zero A' and positive integers. Therefore, then X-2 Y —3 then X 2 Y-2 and .V-2 Therefore basicity of salt is 2 and its acidity is 4. (v) Equivalent mass of basic salt : Molar nuss of basic salt Eq, mass of basic salt Replaceable OH gps in basic ...00) A basic salt is one which has replaceable OH gpseg, etc. EXAMPLE 21 Calculate equivalent mass of (a) NaH2P04, and (b) Na:HP04. Solution ENaH Na:HP04 (Two H are replaceable) (One H is replaceable) EXAMPLE 22 Calculate equivalent mass of H2S04. NaH2P04 and in the reaction :

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Please find below the solution of example 21:

For calculating the equivalent mass of these compounds we use the following relation-

Equivalent mass = Molar mass of the acidic saltReplaceable H+ ions of the acidic salt    (as we know that, both the salts are acidic salts)
  • NaH2PO4 -
          Molar mass = 120 g/mol
          Replaceable H+ ions = 2

          Therefore, Equivalent mass =  1202
                                                       = 60 g eq-1
  • Na2HPO4 -
          Molar mass = 142 g/mol
          Replaceable H+ ions = 1

          Therefore, Equivalent mass =  1421
                                                       = 142 g eq-1

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