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Solve this: 7 Molar mass Number of electrons lost or gained by one rmlecule of oxidant or reductant If oxidant, reductant are compounds, use molar mass of oxidant or reductant compounds. Ifoxidant, reductant are elements, use atomic mass ofoxidant or reductant elements. For detail see chapter oxidation-reduction. In case of redox change, always use the eq. (12), and do not use any other formulae. The denominator used in equation (12) represents 'n' factor of oxidant or reductant as the case may be Reagent y situations, an excess of one or more reactant is r chemical reaction. Thus, excess substances will e left when the reaction is complete; the reaction diately as soon as one of the reactant is totally Consider a chemical reaction given below initiated a spark through a reaction vessel containing 10

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