solve ules on 39. 2) evolution ofC02 in fermentation 3) evolution of C02 in aerobic respiration 4) evolution ofheat in aerobic respiration How many ATP molecules could maximally be generated from one molecule of glucose, ifthe complete oxidation ofone mole of glucose to C02 and H20 yields 686 kcal and the useful Test-3

Dear student.

A glucose molecule on complete oxidation can only provide a maximum of 38 molecules of ATP,
Moreover, each ATP molecule on hydrolysis releases only 7.6 KCal of energy.

On the basis of values provided by you, If one molecule of ATP releases 7.6 Kcal of energy, the number of ATP molecules that can produce 686 KCal of energy form one one glucose molecule is about 90 ( 686/7.6).


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