Some material for a project on consumer awareness and rights?

Some material for a project on consumer awareness and rights? Learning Goals: • Gain an insight and pragmatic understanding of the therne and see all the Social interdisciplinary perspective. • Help in enhancing the Life Skills of the students. • Apply the Social Science concepts learnt over the years in order to prepare the project • Skills developed: Research skills and techn010O• skills, Higher-order thinking skills Project Guidelines: • The project should be prepared highlighting the following topics: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. Need for consumer movements Consumer Rights Case study on violation of consumer rights Means of strengthening consumer movements to protect consumer rights. Organizations helping consumers in different ways Critical analysis of consumer movements Project Requirements: • The project must be arranged in the following sequence: L Cover page as per school specifications with school logo. 2. List of contents. 3. Introduction.

Dear Student,
(i)   Need of Consumer Movement:-
Consumer movement is for educating and informing the consumers about their rights. Such knowledge makes the consumers aware of their rights.Consumer movement is to safeguard the interest for the consumer from the malpractices taken as one‘s own by the business community such as imposing high prices, supplying low quality goods, creating an artificial shortage.

(ii)   Consumer Right:-
Consumer rights are generally a reference to a body of law that pertains to things the producers of goods must  to protect customers from harm. These laws have come into existence through a series of legal disputes, and have been shaped by the results of those cases.

(iii)  Case on violation of consumer right:-
Here you can add the best case related to the violation of consumer right.

Here I have given you few points which will help you to create your project. For further points you can take help of the wikipedia ,newspaper or articles on consumer right.


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Hey i will recommend you to search the topic consumer awareness on YouTube... You will definitely get some help . you will get many videos
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Even i hve done my project using that videos and some websites
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