some steps to reduce noise pollution?

Technology to mitigate or remove noise can be applied in intelligent way to reduce noise pollution.

There are a variety of strategies for mitigating roadway noise including: use of noise barriers, limitation of vehicle speeds, alteration of roadway surface texture, limitation of heavy vehicles, use of traffic controls that smooth vehicle flow to reduce braking and acceleration, and tire design.

We can control noise pollution in the following ways:1)Education and awareness about the consequences of noise pollution in massive scale though media.2) Residential area, hospitals, school, etc should be constructed far away from city area.3) The old automobiles should be replaced with new ones.4) Declaration of no horn zone in residential, hospital and school areas.5) Plantation of tree in public places.There are various other ways to control noise pollution beside these points.

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the one most important step to reduice noice pollution is plant more trees..

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  • Do not use car horns unnecessarily. Areas like hospitals and campuses are silence zones and honking is prohibited there.
  • Avoid loud music, which hurts your ears and others' ears.
  • Firecrackers are extremely loud. So don't try and burn them unnecessarily.
  • Motors, machines and vehicles also produce loud noises when not maintained properly. Proper maintenance should be carried out for better performance.
  • If you are working in an area where there are loud noises, you must wear earplugs to prevent loss of hearing.
  • When going to theme parks and such, avoid riding on the rides which produce a lot of noise. One example is the ATV, which is like a huge motorbike.
  • Turn off the engine of your car or motorbike when you are not using it. It stops the annoying hum, and reduces air pollution!
  • Better off, walk or cycle to school! It does wonders to the environment, reduces the amount of air pollution and noise, and makes you fit!
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  • Rake leaves by hand, don't use a noisy leaf blower.
  • Trim bushes or shrubs by hand, don't use a noisy bush trimmer.
  • Sound proof rooms that might have music conducted in them, like a room with a piano or if someone in the house plays drums or guitar or whatever. This can be done simply with curtains, window inserts, carpeting, and closing windows and doors.
  • Don't blast music on the radio or computer or speakers. Be considerate of your own ears and those of other around you.
  • Don't slam doors / car doors, close them easily and with only as much force as needed. People don't usually think of this, but imagine - how loud is it when you slam your car door? Pretty tolerable. But imagine thousands of people doing so. Now that can start to get loud.
  • Turn off the TV or radio when you aren't actually fully listening to it.
  • Train your dog not to bark so much.
  • Don't yell. Have civil conversations. Call someone or go find them instead of yelling across the street for them, for example.
  • Plant trees and bushes around you house. They help keep the air clean, absorb sound, give privacy, and add nice design and looks to a house.
  • Do noisy things (dishes, hammering, ect.) over or on a rubber mat to reduce noise.
  • Put carpets, rugs, mats, throw rugs, ect. in your house / mats outside.
  • Put fabric window coverings instead of plastic or wooden shades / blinds.
  • Don't rev up a motorcycle or car unless it is actually needed for the drive.
  • Don't beep your car horn "just because", make sure it is a legitamate reason.

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