Some white blood cells destroy harmful bacteria within the human body by engulfing them and digesting them, in the same way that amoeba engulf their food. What type of digestion is it?

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Phagocytosis is the process by which one cell engulfs another cell or large particle. For example, white blood cells present in the body engulf harmful microorganisms that enter the body through phagocytosis. (Full mechanism you will learn in higher classes.) 

Amoeba can constantly change its shape. It forms finger-like projections called pseudopodia (meaning false feet). around its prey and engulfs it. The food thus eaten gets trapped in the food vacuole. An Amoeba feeds on algae, rotifiers, protozoans, and even other small Amoeba. Digestive juices are secreted inside the food vacuole in an Amoeba. Theses juices act on the food and break it down into smaller components. The digested food is later absorbed by the Amoeba for growth, maintenance, and multiplication. The waste material or undigested food is then expelled out of the body.

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