Sonbeer is a mechanic. He works in a workshop. He saves part of his monthly earnings for future. In one year he saves Rs 25000. He deposited this amount in a bank for 2 years. The bank pays interest at the rate of 80 % per annum, compounded annually.
  1. What amount will he get from the bank at the end of 2 years?
  2. How much interest will Sonbeer get after 2 years?
  3. What quality does Sonbeer possess?

Hi, Here principal P= 25000t = 2 year r = 80 % so amount  A = P1+r100t=25,000×1+801002=25,000×1810×1810=81000So after 2 year he will get an amount = Rs. 81000and interest earned after 2 years = 81000-25000=  Rs. 56000It shows Sonbeer's saving habit.  

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