Specify the type of quadrilateral ABCD with the given information:
AO=OC, DO=OB, DB intersects AC, DA intersects DB, O is the point of intersection of diagonals. Please give the answer quickly as it is very urgent.


Assuming that diagonal are bisecting at O then OA = OC and OB = OD specify that diagonals are bisecting each other so
it can be a parallelogram, square, rectangle, rhombus.
Thera re several possibility among mentioned.

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Dear friend,
           Please draw the figure step by step, then you will understand. When I am trying, I am getting the answer as a rhombus.
It was like a hot question which made my brain tired :)
Hope this helps you!!!
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dear friend
​the answer that i got was rhombus 
​it is like hots question it gave me practice of the chapter
​hope this helps
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