Spot the error:-
1. She ordered the servant shut the door and leave the room.
2. She exclaimed with surprise that how tall has she grown.
3. The teacher asked the little boy if he knows the correct answer to the questions.
4. Mother allowed me to go wherever I want.
5. The father forbade his son not to make the same mistake again.
6. He exclaimed with sorrow that his father died just two months before.
7. She requested him to take her to the doctor as she has very high fever.
8. When my boss said that he was coming to see me the next day, I wondered what problems he will have with me.
9. I suggested that she should stay at home as it rained but she does not give any answer.
10. He asked me why had I gone to office when I know there would be fewer buses on road that day.

Dear student
1. ... the servant to shut the door....
2. ... with surprise that she has grown tall.
3. ... the little boy if he knew the correct....
4. ... wherever I wanted.
5. 'No error'
6. ....his father had died....
7. she had very high fever.
8. ....problems he would have with me.
9. .... but she did not give any answer.
10. when I knew there would....

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