State any two harmful effects of air and water pollution ?

Harmful effects of air pollution :


Harmful effects of water pollution : 

When chemicals (excess of fertilizers and pesticides) enter water bodies, they cause an increase in the growth of algae (this process is called eutrophication). This excess growth covers the surface of water and reduces the amount of oxygen available to the aquatic organisms.

Sewage water may contain harmful bacteria which cause diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid etc.

A change in the water temperature not only affects aquatic organisms but also their eggs and larvae, which are sensitive to temperature changes.

Chemicals such as mercury salts that are released by paper factories are poisonous.

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Harmful effects of water pollution are as follows :,

Human biengs develop serious water borne dieseses like typhiod, cholera, hepatitis and also jaundice

Micraorganisms present normally in clean water are destroyed by the discharge off acids and alkalis in water This prevents self purificatn process

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 water bourne diseases

 water bourne diseases spread through polluted water  (effects of water  pollution) 

inadequate water supply in urban areas etc.

air pollution:

acid rain, cough and cold, influenza, chicken pox etc that spread through air

smoke from automobiles, chimneys, deforestation etc

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