State the chemical nature and role of nitrogease enzyme in nitrogen fixation by leguminous plants.How is it prevented from destruction by oxygen in root nodules?

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Leguminous plants have the special characteristic of showing symbiotic association with some microbes(e.g-Rhizobium, Frankia, etc) and thus help in nitrogen fixation(reduction of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia) in the environment.The enzyme required for this nitrogen fixation is nitrogenase, and this is found only in nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

The chemical nature of the enzyme : The nitrogenase molecule  has two iron containing proteins bonded to a molybdenum or iron protein on both the ends.

Now, since the nitrogenase enzyme is inhibited in the presence of oxygen, the root nodules of leguminous plants have a characteristic adaptation that helps in ensuring that the enzyme is protected from the destruction of oxygen. The root nodules thus contain a pigment called leg haemoglobin, that acts as an oxygen scavenger, and hence it  protects the oxygen-sensitive enzyme nitrogenase.


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