State the typr of plant not found in F1 generation but appeared in F2 generation, mentioning the reason for the same?

Plant that shows recessive trait is absent in F1 generation but appears in F2 generation because in F1 generation it gets masked by the dominant trait whereas in F2 generation there is a cross between two heterozygous parents due to which recessive trait gets a chance to appear.

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Hi! Aplant with a recessive trait would not appear in F1 generation. But a plant with recessive trait would appear in F2 Generation. It is because of Mendel's Law of Dominance

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according to mendel's experiments, he first crossed the tall and dwarf plants and found that in F1 generation only tall plants were produced, no dwarf plant was found. now when he crossed the tall plants found in F1 generation, tall as well as dwarf plants were obtained inthe ratio of 3:1, so mendel concluded that trait of dwarfness of plant was supressed by the dominant trait(tallness) and he referred to this repressed trait as recessive trait. so trait of dwarfness being a recesiive trait was not found in F1 generation but was expresses in F2 generation...

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ohh!! thankful 4 ur ansr

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