State two factors on which sensitivity of a moving coil galvanometer depends?

since there are two types of sensitivities for the moving coil galvanometer:-

1.Current sensitivity ie. I= α/I =NBA/K 

2.Voltage sensitivity ie Vs= α/IR =NBA/KR

=> Vs=Is/R ... where N-no. of turns, B magnetic field, A-area of coil and K is the torsion constant, α is the angle by which the coil is displaced by the applied torque, I-current, V-voltage, R-resistance

this implies that factors on which the sensitivity depends are is directly proportional to the area of the coil

it is directly proportional to the magnetic field

it is inversely proportional to the torsion constant

it is directly proportional to the no. of turns

it is directly proportional to the angle by which torque displaces the coil ie.α

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It's depends on the number of turns in the coil,the area of the coil & the magnetic fields....
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its depends upon number of turns of coil and Area
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