stock is overvalued by 5000 which side in revaluation a/c ll come

Debit side of revaluation coz it had been written in the balance sheet at a higher value.
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Stock is found overvalued by ₹4,000
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debit side
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credite side
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Dr. Side
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debit side of revaluation a/c because we show stock over in our book . 
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Stok is ovarvalud by 6000 .what should I do in admission.
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Debit side of revaluation a/c
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It will be in dr side of revaluation a/c
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The partner B retires from the business subject to the following revaluation A. To appreciate the stock valu by Rs. 5000 B. Land and bulding appreciate by Rs. 22000 C. Provide 2% reserve on debtors D. There was an an understand investment of Rs. 5500 E. A goodwill is creater for Rs 50000 and shound not be show in new balance sheet Preper revaluction account , capital acount and the balance sheet after the above adjustments
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