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Kanta Bhakta, Mumbai V/s A Jeweller in Dadar, Mumbai

On March 18, 2011, Kanta Bhakta purchased a pair of bangles and a single bangle from a jeweller in Dadar. They were declared to be of 22 carat gold purity and accordingly she was charged for gold of 22 carat purity plus an additional amount as making charges. After the purchase, the bangles were kept in her locker. Both during Diwali 2010 and at the marriage of a relative, her daughter used the bangles. By coincidence, the complainant came across the X-ray gold testing facility of Tanishq Jewellers who were offering to check the purity of gold through an X-ray test which was non-destructive. Out of sheer curiosity, she had the bangles tested and to her utter disbelief, found out that they were of less than 17 carat purity and not 22 carat, as had been represented at the time of the sale. Shaken by this discovery, she immediately visited the jeweller from whom she had bought the bangles along with the cash memo. He refused to accept her claim and her efforts to reason with him were in vain. So she came to the CFBP who, with the help of its Legal Cell, drafted a complaint for her to file in the Consumer Court. A notice was sent to the jeweller giving him a last chance to settle the matter before the Consumer Court was moved.

"The jeweller rushed to settle the matter with me and the complaint was resolved to my satisfaction."
-Kanta Bhakta


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