suggest an experiment to demonstrate the compressibility of gases and liquids

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The best example of compressibility of gas is aerosols which are kept in a container under high pressure.

You must have seen the bottles of perfumes, deodorants, room freshener etc. which are very common products which we have in our home. These bottles show the compressibility, as the gases are kept under high presser in the containers so that they come closer and compress to loose their randomness and become liquefied. When we spray the gases they come in the form of liquefied fogs. this experiment can be done at home too.

The other example is the cold drink where CO2 gas is compressed under high pressure and when we shake and open the bottle the entire liquid comes out with the gas in the form of foam. The LPG is also a compressed gas.

However, compressibility in liquid is low in comparison to gas because they have a definite volume and so it becomes difficult to compress them.

we need to provide a huge presser to compress the liquids (like water) because they have a definite volume and as the result of compression they show only a little increase in their density.

For example: The water of sea at 7 miles distance under the sea, are compressed by the pressure of upper layer of water and if we take the sample of the lower level we will find that it is denser than the upper layer.

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