suggest separation technique

1,mercury and water

2.potassium chloride and ammonium chloride

3.common salt,water and sand

4.kerosene oil,water and sand

  1. seperating funnel because the two are immiscible.mercury is denser than water.
  2. they can be seperated by sublimation as ammonium chloride is a sublimable substance and NaCl is not a sublimable substance.
  3. Magnetic Separation + Hand Picking + Evaporation
  4. you can seperate water and kerosene oil by with the help of a seperating funnel and water and sand can be seperated by filteration.

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3.evaporation-common salt from water and sand then filteration for sand frm water

4.seprating funnel-for kerosene oil frm water and sand then filteration for sand frm water

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Rosy is right
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1. filtration
4.funnel separation

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1 Separating funnel 2 Sublimation 3 Evaporation and then filtration 4 Separating funnel and evaporation
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