sun is the ultimate source of energy for all living organisms . explain.....

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Sun is considered as the ultimate source of energy for all living organisms as the plants absorbs sunlight to produce food which is provided to the entire living world either directly or indirectly.

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 Sun  provides  us  with  light  and  heat.  Due  to  this  light,  plants  are  able  to  make  their  own  food.  Plants  can  only  grow  in  the  presence  of  sunlight .  We  can  prove  that  the  sun  is  the  ultimate  source  of  energy  by  the  following  food  chain.


 Plants  grow

 Deers  eat  grass  [  HERBIVOROUS  ANIMALS ]

 Tigers  eat  deers  [  CARNIVOROUS  ANIMALS  ]


So,  without  sun,  no  plants

Without  plants,  no  deers

Without  deers,  no  tigers.


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 sun is an ultimate source of energy   as it helps us in doing various works such as 

1. solar pannels are used to produce electricity by trapping sunlight helps in the growth of  living organisms also plays a very important role in water cycle

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