" Sun is the ultimate source of energy of fossil fuels". justify

Fossil fuels are nothing but decomposed plant and animal matter which under the action of intense pressure and temperatures over millions of years produced coal, oil etc.  

These plants and animals however survived on Earth due light received from the Sun (an other things as well). Sunlight helps in sustaining plant life (photosynthesis) and animals as well, animals being dependent on plants for al lot of things.

Thus, we can owe the very existence of fossil fuels to the Sun.


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The sun is the main source of energy on the earth.Most of the different source of energy we use in our daily life have their source in the sun.

Solar energy is directly or indirectly responsible for the sustenance of all life on the earth.
green plants converts solar energy into chemical energy in the process of photosynthesis to make food.This chemical energy is stored in he plant in the form of sugar.Living being intakes this sugarin the form of their food and the sugar remains stored in their body.When dead plants and animals remain buried under the earth for million of years they get converted into fuels like coal or petroleum.When these fuel burnt into thermal power plant electricity is produced.In this way solar energy is transferred into electrical energy.
The heat energy is responsible for water cycle.Water from different water bodies evaporates to form cloud ,ultimately it rains.
Thus almost all energy on the earth are connectedto the sun.

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solar energy can be used to sterilize milk cans and its photowaltic energy is converted to electrical energy.

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