Suppose you stay in the hostel of your school. Write a letter to your grandfather describing your hostel and school life.

Room number 23,

Kalinga Hostel,



12 July 20xx


Dear Grandpa,


Hope you are keeping well and have recovered from the bout of viral fever you suffered from last week.


As you know, I was apprehensive about coming to the hostel. But, all my fears were put to rest on the very first day. The students were helpful, the teachers were welcoming and the counsellor took special care of all the new students. We follow a set routine on weekdays; get up early, dress up, eat a sumptuous breakfast and attend classes. This is followed by lunch and some rest.

Then we pursue a hobby of our choice, I have taken up painting. We play different games in the evening, I learn football from the sports teacher. On weekends, we have more free time to ourselves and a movie is shown in the school auditorium. We can visit the local market for two hours in the afternoon on every Sunday. I am really learning a lot, specially becoming independent!


Give my regards to Grandma and tell her the laddoos she sent are delicious!


Yours lovingly,


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