Suraj gets paid Rs. 150 per hour on a week day. On weekends he gets an extra payment which is 1/3rd of the regular payment. He is fined 1/6th of his hourly pay for every mistake he makes. Suraj puts 4 whole1/2 i.e (9/2) hours on Monday, 5 whole 1/2 i.e (11/2) hours on Tuesday, 6 whole 1/2 i.e (13/2) hours on Wednesday and 5 hours on Thursday, 4 whole 1/4 i.e (17/4) hours on Friday and 3whole 1/4 i.e (13/4 ) hours on Saturday. On Tuesday he makes 2 mistakes and on Saturday he makes 3 mistakes. What are his earnings at the end of the week?

Given, Suraj get paid Rs 150 per hour on a week day. And, on weekends he gets an extra payment which is 1/3rd of the regular payment.And, he is fined 1/6th of his hourly pay for every mistakes. Now,He puts 92 hours on Monday. So, earning on Moday=150×92=675He puts 112 hours on Tuesday. So, earning on Tuesday=150×112=825But, on Tuesday he makes 2 mistake. So, fined amount=2×16×825=275So, total earning on Tuesday=825-275=550He puts 132 hours on Wednesday. So, earning on Wednesday=150×132=975He puts 5 hours on Thursday. So, earning on Thursday=150×5=750He puts 174 hours on Friday. So, earning on Friday=150×174=637.5He puts 134 hours on Saturday. So, earning on Saturday=150×134=487.5But, on Saturday he makes 3 mistake. So, fined amount=3×16×487.5=243.75And, on weekends he gets an extra payment which is 1/3rd of the regular payment. So, extra payment=13×487.5=162.5So, total earning on Saturday=487.5-243.75+162.5=406.25Thus, Total earning at the end of the week=sum of earning on all days=675+550+975+750+637.5+406.25=Rs 3993.75

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