Surekha is a student of 10 + 2 (commerce) Class. She listened attentively and understood the lecture on Consumer Protection Act delivered by the teacher. Her teacher remarked that currently consumers enjoy several rights. In case, goods purchased by him/her. causes harm  to
his/her health and property, there is a provision for compensating him/her. Besides, this Act has also some expectations from the consumers. That during the course of his/her purchases he/she should keep certain things in mind. Briefly, provisions of the Act can protect the consumer only when he/she has complied with certain fundamental things.

The very next day of this lesson, Surekha purchased an ISI marked Heater from Bharti Appliances. She made cash payment. But failed  to get Cash Memo. While making use of the heater she observed that it was not working properly. She contacted the shopkeeper immediately and told him her problem. Shopkeeper paid no heed to her complaint. Rather he remarked that the good in question was not bought from his shop.

(i) Identify and explain the right and responsibility of the consumer as referred to in the above paragraph.
(ii) In a addition to the right and responsibility of the consumer identified in point (i) write one more right and one responsibility.
(iii) Can Surekha lodge a complaint against the shopkeeper?


Dear student,

i) The right and responsibility referred in above para are:
A consumer has right to be safeguarded against those goods and services that are hazardous to life, property.
It is responsibility of consumer to always ask for cash memo while making purchase. 

ii) Rights of consumer: 
A consumer has right to be completely aware about the quality, quantity, ingredients of product.
A consumer has right to seek redressal in case of exploitation.

Responsibilities of consumer:
A consumer must always look for quality certification marks before buying any product.
A consumer must file complaint if he found any product defective.

iii) She cannot file a complaint as being a responsible consumer she have not ask for cash memo while making purchase. She do not have proof against shop keeper.



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No because she does not has the cash memo
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