Take the readings of the electric meter each day at 6.30 am and 6.30 pm.  How many ‘units’ are consumed during day time?How many ‘units’ are used during night? • Do this activity for about a week. • Tabulate your observations. • Draw inferences from the data. • Compare your observations with the details given in the monthly electricity


We encourage that you try this out at your home,it will be fun. This is meant as an experiment and should be conducted by you to gain better knowledge energy is consumed at your house.

 In case of any problems please don't hesitate to ask. 


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idhu easy daana ... I cant help U in dis bcoz we dont hve electric at each homes at apartments :P !!!! .. bt still i ll try if i get smthng i will post it 4 my swt samy :)) puttandu nalvalltukal :))

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iniya puthaandu nalvaazhtugal... indha aandu ungalukku sirappaaga irukkattum.....


easy daan aanaa naalaik school :(  sikaram naan holiday h.w. mudikanum... naan ooruku poitan adhaan mudikala....

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4th jan la irundhu ea3 xam start aagudu... :(

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All the best 4 ur examz dear ... Mah prayers alwayz dere wid U & dere 4 U !!! :) .. mekkah nanree valtukaluku ..

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