Taken an pot some pebbles and sand design a small scale filtration plant that you could use to clean muddy water explain

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Such questions  are  made  for enhancing the  self creative  skills  and  should  be  tried answering  on your own. However,  here  are  a  few  points  that  will  help you in  framing your answer: 
There are several process for that like filtration or sedimentation and decantation to clean muddy water.

1.Take a earthen pot.

2. Cover the earthen pot  with a small home made cloth.

3. Pour all the content of water containing sand as well as pebbles

4. Now  you will see pebbles will remain on cloth whereas some sand along with water goes inside the earthen pot. 

5. Allow the earthen pot to stand for about 24 hrs.

6  All sand will remain at the bottom and water ready for drinking.  

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