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The below step will help you construct an angle of  2212 °

1. Draw a line PQ with any length. Draw an arc of some radius, taking P as its centre which intersects PQ at R.
2.Taking R as a centre and with the same radius as before, draw an arc intersecting the previously drawn arc (refer figure). Mark the point as S.
3. Taking S as a centre and with the same radius as before draw an arc intersecting the arc at T (refer figure).
4. Taking S and T as centre draw an arc of the same radius to intersect each other, mark the point as U.
5. Join PU with a dotted line, such that it intersects the arc at point V (refer figure).
6. From R and V draw arcs with a radius more than RV2 to intersect each other and mark the point as W. Join PW with a dotted line.
7. Let it intersect the arc at X (refer figure). Now Take X and R as centre and radius more than RX2  , draw arcs to intersect each other. Mark the point as Y.

8. Join PY
YPQ is the required angle , 2212° 



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