tell me something about our solar system ,planets,the sun and universe.

1. The solar system constitute sun, eight planets, satellite and some other celestial bodies such as meteoroids and asteroids etc.
2.Sun is made up of huge ball of extremely hot gases and is in centre of our solar system.It provides the pulling force which binds the entire solar system.
3.There are eight planets in our solar system namely : Mercury,Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.All eight planets move around the sun in a fixed orbit.
4.Universe is a broader term which includes million of galaxies, solar system and all the planets in it.It is difficult to imagine how big the universe is.

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  • solar system : the collection of 8 plants with there moons in orbit around the sun together with smaller bodies like asteroids, meteroids etc.
  • sun : the star round which the earth orbit.
  • planets : planet are the bodies which moves around the sun in elliptical orbit.
  • universe : the vast empty space around us that consists of stars, solar system, galaxies etc.
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the celestial objects along with their satellitesand much smaller objects like asteoroids and meteors with the sun and stars form our solar system

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