term tissue was given by whom ?
(A) Bichat
(B) grew
(C) louis pasteur
(D) none of the above

Option (A) is correct that is BICHAT ,he gave the term tissue.

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but in botany , it is written that N.grew gave the term tissue

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the ans.is  Bichat as far as I have studied this topic but you think it's wrong u can check it online or u can ask ur teacher's. 

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so have u clear ur doubt

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actlly in ZOOLogy it is written that BICHAT nmed the term TISSUE.
bt in botany, it is written that N.grew  gave the term tissue !!!

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the answer is BICHAT

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Term tissue given by bichat and coined by N.grew
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its Xavier Bichat who coined the term tissue
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The term tissue was given by BICHAT in realtor to plants and The term tissue was coined by N. GREW in connection with plant anatomy....
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