The angle of a sector of a circle with radius 42cm is 120 degree.if the sector is cut out and used to make a cone,what is the curved surface area, total surface area and volume of the cone?  

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The length of the arc of the sector is the circumference of the base of the cone.θ360×2πR=120°360°×2π×42=π3×42×2=28πcircmuference of base of cone=2πr=28πr=14cmfor a cone we have r=14 cm, side length of cone l=42cm so, h=l2-r2=422-142=1568=39.5cmCurved surface area of cone=πrl=227×42×14=1848 cm2Total Surface area of cone=πrl+πr2=πr(l+r)=227×1442+14=22×2×56=2464 cm2Volume of cone=13πr2h=13×227×14×14×39.5=8110.66 cm3

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