The author's comment on crime and punishment.

The author, at the beginning of the story, always believed in the fact that he achieved what he was supposed to. He found it right and just to be promoted to the post of a Managing Director even though he didn't deserve it. However, after fortune turned its face away from him, he realised that he hated the person for whom he was promoted. He disliked the forger because of whom he gained so much glory and fame. Now, he just wishes that the hands of clock would turn back and he would let go of the person who committed the crime. He possessed contempt in his heart for the person who did this felony because he was the cause of his sudden success because of which he had to suffer. This was a point of epiphany when he realised that tide and time waited for none and thus, it was too late to seek him out and give him a chance to live.

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