The bullet of mass 10g moving with a velocity of 400m/s gets embeded in a freely suspended wooden block of mass700g .what is the velocity aquired by a block

Initial momentum of the bullet = 10 g Х 400 m/s = 4000 g m/s
Initial momentum of the block = 700 g Х 0 = 0
Total momentum of the system before collision = 4000 g m/s
Let the velocity of the block after collision be v. As the bullet and the block move together the mass of the system is = 10 + 700 = 710 g
Momentum of the system after collision = 710 g Х v
Applying the law of conservation of momentum,
4000 g m/s = 710 g Х v
Implies, v = (4000/710) = 5.633 m/s
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