The cards bearing letters of th words "MATHEMATICS" or placed in a bag. A card is taken out from the bag
a) How many outcomes are possible when letter taken out of the bag?
b) What is the probibility of getting :-
1) M
2) Any value
3) Any consonant
4) X

The letters in word MATHEMATICS are :M, A, T, H, E, M, A, T, I, C, S.Total number of letters = 11Total number of possible outcomes = 111. Number of M's = 2Number of favourable outcomes = 2Required probability = Number of favourable outcomesTotal number of possible outcomes = 2112. Number of vowels = 4Number of favourable outcomes =4Required probability = Number of favourable outcomesTotal number of possible outcomes = 4113. Number of consonants = 7Number of favourable outcomes =7Required probability = Number of favourable outcomesTotal number of possible outcomes = 7114 Number of X = 0Number of favourable outcomes =0Required probability = Number of favourable outcomesTotal number of possible outcomes = 011 = 0

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