The cause fo AIDS.How does AIDS spread. what happen to a person affected with AIDS

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AIDS or Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome is a viral disease, caused by the deadly virus (HIV).

1. Transmission: The Aids is transmitted by following means:

  • AIDS can be transmitted by sharing contaminated needles while injecting drugs.
  • AIDS can be transmitted by having sexual contact with an infected person.
  • AIDS can also be transmitted from an infected mother to the child through pregnancy or breast feeding.
  • Transfusion of infected blood.

2.Effect on human health: After HIV virus gets into the body, it kills or damages cells of the body's immune system like WBCs. The virus progressively destroys the body's ability to fight infections and certain cancers. The immune system become so weak that body is not able to fight minute infections also. HIV positive individuals are at serious risk of death as a result of their weakened immune systems.


Serious weight loss, loss of appetite, weakness etc.

3. Treatment − There is no permanent cure for aids but antiretroviral drugs can prolong the life of patient

4. Prevention of AIDS

    • Ensuring use of disposable syringes
    • Screening blood from blood banks
    • Advocating safe sex by using condoms.

Some Interesting Facts:

  • The AIDS virus does not spread through touching or eating with an infected person.

  • AIDS is a disease in which the bodies ability to fight against diseases gets reduced and the body becomes more prone to various diseases.

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 There are many causes of AIDS 

  1. Infected blood
  2. Infected needles
  3. Multiple partners.
  4. Infected mother to her baby during pregnancy.
  5. Injectable Drug Abuse.
  6. Breast feeding.

Means by which AIDS is spread are as follows;

1.unprotected sexual intercourse with infected person.

2.transfusion of infected blood

3.Breast feeding

4.Use of infected needles and instruments without sterilization or sharing of needles and syringes by HIV drug addicts.

 Symptoms are: Serious weight loss;

brain tumors;

loss of appetite;

decreased oral fluid intake and decreased thirst;

increasing weakness and fatigue; decreased blood perfusion;

decreased urine output and poor blood flow often leaving the patient feeling extremely cold.

It can also cause delirium; lethargy; coma (in some patients); and changes in respiratory patterns.

Loss of ability to close the eyes; noisy breathing or pharyngeal muscles relax and also can cause hallucinations, delirium, myoclonic jerks and seizures prior to death

. The body's immune system breaks down more and more thus opening up for the body for virus', colds and other diseases as well as the shutting-down of organs as the immune system becomes weak and can no longer fight back.


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