The chapter the summer of the beautiful white horse is a celebration of simple joy and innocence of childhood do u agree what makes the story so enduring. ? Plzzz ans fast

Dear Student.

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse depicts the story of two central characters who are children in search of ways to entertain themselves. It is because of sheer innocence of these children that they pet the horse and play with it. They do not mean to harm the horse in any way. Both of them are having fun being clueless that the horse belongs to someone else and the real owner might be looking for it. They return the horse to it's rightful owner when the get to know about it.

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The white horse is potrayed by the author to be mesmerising and beautiful. Mourad stole it not for the purpose of harming the horse or its owner but for the purpose of fulfilling his dream of riding a horse , also he returned it afterwards.
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