the disease causing microbes select different organs to enter our body . When they enter to nose , mouth.and sexual organ where do they reach after entry and which disease causes after each case

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When the microorganism enters in the body through nose (from air), it is likely to affect the lungs and cause diseases like pneumonia, tuberculosis etc.
When the microorganism enters through mouth, they remain in the gut lining or move to the liver. If they reach liver, they can cause diseases such as jaundice.

When the microorganism enters through sexual organ, it is more likely to affect the genital area. e.g. herpes virus affects either genital area or mouth. But HIV enters through sexual organs and goes to affect lymph nodes.
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They reach the part where they will spread the infection.
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They reach the part where the spread the infection
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If they enter from air via the nose they are likely to go to the lungs. This is in the bacteria causing tuberculosis.
If they enter through mouth they can stay in the gut lining like typhoid causing bacteria. Or can go to liver causing jaundice
An infection like HIV,that come into the body via sex organs will spread to lymph nodes all over the body.
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