The figure shows an L shaped body of mass M is placed on smooth horizontol surface. The block A is connected to the body by means of an inextensible string, which is passing over a smooth pulley of neglegible mass. Another block B of mass m is placed against a vertical wall of the body. Find the minimum value of the acceleration of block A so that block B remains stationary relative to the wall. Coefficient of friction between the block B and the vertical wall isµ=2. (g=10m/s2)


The L shaped block is on a frictionless table. Let mass of the block A be MA.

Let A be the acceleration of the block A, then this will also be the acceleration of block of mass M.

For the block B, the normal reaction on the L shaped block is, N = ma

The frictional force upward is, f = µN = µma

The gravitational force downward is = mg

Now, since, the block is not moving down,

mg = µma

=> a = g/µ = 10/2 = 5 m/s2

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