the following data represents the number of applicants for the various post of in anew school
      post                    A        B        C          D         E       F    

NO of applicants   27      9         14       25      16        8

construct a bar graph of the data

Dear Student,

Steps to draw are:
  1. Decide on a title for your graph (Number of Applicants).

  2. Draw the vertical and horizontal axes.

  3. Label the horizontal axes (Post).

  4. Write the names of post where the bars will be (A,B, and so on).

  5. Label the vertical axes (Number of Applicants).

  6. Decide on the scale. Explain that you should consider the least and the greatest number shown on the graph. Discuss what range of numbers should be shown on this bar graph (Begin at 0 and count by 5s to 25).

  7. Draw a bar to show the total for each item.


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