The Fossil FUel P is formed under the earth by the decomposition of vegetable matter lying under water by the action of anaerobic bacteria.The major component of fuel P is Q.the fossil fuel P is used as a source of gas R needed to manufacture fertilisers.When P is filled in metal cylinders and used as a fuel in motor vehicles,it is called S.what are P,Q,R,S?

P   Natural gas
Q   Carbon
R  Ammonia
S  Natural gas

Fossil fuels, coal and natural gas (contains mostly methane and other hydrocarbons) are formed from terrestrial plants while petroleum and natural gas are formed from organisms.  So, our options for P are coal and natural gas.

Q  is carbon for all fossil fuels.

Ammonia  gas is used for synthesis of fertilisers and it is commercially synthesised from methane. So, R is ammonia.

Natural gas in cylinders is used as fuel in motor vehicles and is therefore S.

So, P is not coal but only natural gas.

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p= petroleum

q= carbon

r= pottASSIUM


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