The grandmother was a deeply religious and a kind hearted lady. Elucidate

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I am assuming the question is from the chapter 'The Potrait of A Lady'. Accordingly, here is the answer :

The grandmother was a deeply religious lady. She was always busy reciting prayers and flicking beads of her rosary. She used to get up early in the morning to recite her morning prayers. She could often visit temples and spend hours there reading religious scriptures.

She was also a kind-hearted soul. She used to feed stale chapattis to village dogs. She treated her grandson with great care and affection. When she moved to the city, she fed sparrows.

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Grandmother?was undoubtedly a?kind hearted woman. she was a good friend of the author and used to wake him up in the morning to get ready to go to school. she used to sing a prayers in a melodious tone while she bathes an dressed him in a hope that his grandson get to know it by heart.
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Law of diminishing marginal utility
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