The great leaders of the revolt of 1857 laid down their lives because certain values were very dear to them. Which values, in our opinion, were supported and cherished by those leaders?

In my opinion, they respected their culture and religion because when the British passed many laws like remarriage of widows,promotion of English language etc.When they made Indians forcefully accept the religion Christian they acted against it and laid down their lives
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Is this ans correct?
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its our tb question
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is this ans right?
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The great leaders laid down their lives because they respected their culture and didn't wanted it to be ruined by someone. They also wanted freedom and didn't wanted to live under someone ruling their own country. They were filled with patriotism and could sacrifice their life for their country whenever needed.
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In my opinion the leader wanted there self respect . And dose not wanted to change their religion from hindu to christian. And wanted freedom from land revenue system in which they have to pay high taxes .
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The revolt of 1857 was the first step towards fight against independence. It was started in Meerut against British army. Leaders like Mangal Pandey, Abdul Khan, Rani Lakshmi Bai and other participated in this revolt. After the occupation of British they passed many laws like promotion of English language, re-marriage of widows, abolition of child marriage. 
All these laws and changes made Indians to feel that they were losing their culture and tradition. Therefore, they fought against it to save their cultures.
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Because they leaders wants independence
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Because certain values like independence, equality,religion etc. These values british dont give us.....
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