The hurdles of life can be challenged if we have confidence to make optimum use of our potential. Elaborate with reference to the chapter "we are not afraid to die" ?

This statement holds true for all circumstances we face in our lives. The chapter ' We are not afraid to die if we all are together ' is the best example of this statement. The narrator, his family and two crewmen who were on a voyage faced the most difficult situations but overcame them by being and working together. They believed in each other and boldly defeated the harsh waters.
The first part of their journey was peaceful and according to the plan. But the weather changed once they reached Capetown. The waves were becoming violent, the narrator thought that his boat would survive, but then lightning struck and his boat was filled with green and white water. The violent waves had thrown him in the air and he fell. He broke his ribs and could feel his mouth filling with blood. The narrator had given all hopes but he decided to try once. He took hold of the guard rails and reached the wheel. The crewmen began pumping eater. The conditions worsened when the pumps stopped working and the electric pump short-circuited. The narrator and his team did not give up. They pumped out water through the night and the narrator fixed the pump. 
The narrators' family showed great courage. They remained calm and tried to lighten the mood. They believed that their parents would save them. John's saying that he was not afraid to die if they all are together inspired his parents. This calm and understanding behaviour of the children shows the love they have for each other and how important unity is in a family.
‚ÄčThus, if we can stand together during the most difficult of times we can overcome any obstacle present.

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