1. The injured women exclaimed,"Will none of you help me?"
  2. He said to her,"Do you think that is a proper answer to give?"
  3. Cheer up,mother.I'll go and work somewhere,"said Nikhil.
  4. The mother said,"I have often told you not to tell lies."
  5. "Hurry up,Rajan" said his mother,"You will be missing the school bus."
  6. I said, "Child!which game do you play best?"

1. The injured woman asked if none of them would help her.
2. he asked her if that was a proper answer to give.
3. Nikhil asked his mother to cheer up. He said that he would go and work somewhere.
4. The mother said that she had often told him not to tell lies.
5. Rajan's mother asked him to hurry up. She said he would be missing the bus.
6. I asked the child which game he played best.

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