The inside perimetre of a running track is 400m. The length of each of the straight portion is 90m and the ends are semi-circles. If the track is everywhere 14m wide, find the area of the track. Also find the length of the outer running track.

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Let the radius of the inner semi-circular ends be r m. 

Given, Inner perimeter of running track = 400 m

Circumference of the semi-circle, BC and AD =


Area of the track 

= Area of the ring AEHD + Area of rectangle ABFE + Area of ring BFGC + Area of rectangle CDHG.

= 3696 m2 + 2520 m2

= 6216 m2

∴ The area of the track is 6216 m2.

Length of the outer running track

= EF + Length of arc, FG + GH + Length is arc, HE

= 180m + 308m

= 488m

∴ The length of the outer running track is 488 m.


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